Lacrosse Gear and Accessories for Lax Fans

Gear and Accessories for Lacrosse
GearFor Lacrosse Fans!

Looking for New Lacrosse Gear for the new season? View our catalog and our newest Accessories below.....

Lacrosse Gear

The finishing touches for any laxer, is his/her lacrosse gear. But, you don’t want just any lax gear, why not let LAX SO HARD put on your finishing touches!

Our flat brim, snap backs are epic. We can barely keep them in stock because they speak the truth… you LAX SO HARD! We have chosen relevant colors that will blend in nicely with your team scheme or school.

Our performance socks are manufactured in Colorado, and are made of the finest materials ideal for laxers who demand enhanced performance. We use core-spun COOLMAX® fabric and LYCRA® Sport fiber to keep you dry, comfortable and cool

We have created stickers that are quite frankly, the best stickers ever for a lacrosse fanatic. These stickers perform the double duty of being a sticker AND a lacrosse head “shadow”. Check them out to see what we mean!

Lax Gear for 2017

lacrosse gear for men
MENS Lacrosse Gear
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Lacrosse gear for girls
GIRLS Lacrosse Gear
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Lacrosse gear for women
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lacrosse gear for boys
BOYSLacrosse Gear
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At Laxsohard®, we create the lacrosse gear to help you stand out and share your passion. Lax gear designed for lacrosse players.